Cyber Security

Web Applications & I.T. Infrastructure

Cutting edge web services, software, and I.T. infrastructure solutions at reduced cost from small to enterprise level businesses.

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Software Engineering

A decade of experience with a myriad of technologies and languages including. C#, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, Python, Ruby and many more. From Small Business to Enterprise.

Web Applications

Full stack development from database design to cutting edge UI. Hosting and administrative services including Microsoft Azure and open source solutions.

Software Project Management

Source control implementation and management, agile scrum methodology, testing solutions.

Cyber Security Policy and Management

Using certified standards and best practices to secure I.T. infrastructure.

Automation, DevOps, Validation, Audit

Proven environment and software deployment with Chef. Pipeline automation with Jenkins and Ant. Deployment validation and audit with Inspec.

Desktop Software Development

Over 4 years of WPF and Winforms development experience. Bringing affordable desktop applications to small business needs.

Microsoft Azure Solutions

ERIS Ltd. is excited to be working with Microsoft Azure for robust enterprise level solutions.

Data & I.T. Account Administration

Managing customer websites, inventory tracking, data management & migrations.

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